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About Yulia

Yulia Hartman is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a trained Art Therapist. 


She has been practicing in the field for the past 16 years. She is licensed to practice in two states NM (License #0183931) and CA (License #51099). 

Education and Training:

Yulia practices a holistic approach to healing. Her work is informed by a number of somatic (body-based) approaches and she regards Body as an important agent of change and a holder of wisdom. Yulia offers private sessions at her studio to those interested in incorporating embodiment practices, including movement, on their healing journey.

Kind words from former clients

"Yulia has an organic and artful approach to healing. She is gentle and deeply present. When I started my sessions with Yulia, I felt stuck and anxious. She helped me develop my confidence, as well as identify patterns and beliefs that interfered with my highest good. She also facilitated an appreciation of my own life/death/life cycle. I now feel more alive, peaceful, creative and hopeful."~ Sky, a former client

"We are incredibly thankful for Yulia's wisdom, guidance and nurturing approach during a very fragile time for us. Yulia has been a light house that we so desperately needed on life’s rocky shores."~Paul & Diane, former clients

"My partner and I saw Yulia for a total of six weeks and the changes she helped us make were truly remarkable. We sought therapy to help us deal with a specific issue that kept coming up in our relationship. Wow, we both are truly thankful for this process. Yulia is truly a gifted therapist/healer/guide. She is intuitive, compassionate and incredibly attentive." ~CJ & Alyssa, former clients

"As a former client of Yulia, I can attest to how much I've learned and grown from Yulia and how much she has meant to me. Yulia helped me navigate through a relationship problem using Imago Therapy concepts. Yulia has an uncanny gift to listen deeply where you truly feel heard and validated. She possesses warmth and unconditional positive regard. She has great empathy and wisdom. If you are considering finding a therapist, Yulia should be on the top of your list."

"My husband and I approached Yulia after our first couple years of marriage to improve our communication and connection. We were both aware of our communication troubles but didn’t know what to do about it. What Yulia showed us is how our past experiences have shaped our current behavior and how to see each other’s best intentions. Further, how we are uniquely situated to help the other person. It was particularly beneficial to have an objective third party reflect back what each person said in order to interrupt some emotional and verbal dead ends we had unwittingly established as a couple. I was sometimes surprised to hear her champion both what my husband was really going through that I couldn’t see, and validate and understand everything I was going through that my husband unintentionally diminished. Yulia has a gift of hearing what someone means no matter how clumsily they say it. There was such a lack of judgment on Yulia’s part. Individually, she helped me see myself more clearly, more accurately as I am in the world and not how I fear I am in the world. My husband and I both listen better now and stand up for ourselves better in a way that isn’t attacking."

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