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Healing is an act of returning to our true nature.

To heal injured life, we must often go to the root. This means learning how to facilitate frozen stuck grief that the body holds. This means practicing how to self-nurture and self-protect (individually and in relationships). This means reconnecting with the light and love inside.


Through this work you're invited to undertake an important process of maturation, which is both developmental (learning how to be a functional adult) and spiritual (growing to take your natural shape). 

What's possible

From boundary healing to learning how to self-nurture and self-express, the work that is possible is as much about the liberation of your true authentic voice as it is about growing up and maturing beyond what your early environments have taught you.


Genuine freedom is found when we do the work of releasing ourselves from the survival patterns our injuries have demanded of us. Time alone doesn't mend the wounds. Neither does talking about the injury or wishing that we could just move on with our lives. 


Psychic injuries stay open until they're tended to. Until they're taken seriously.


The good news is that there is a tried and true recovery path. It involves us taking full responsibility for our lives and learning to follow our inner voice instead of keeping loyal to patterns that further induce smallness, insecurity and suffering.


Connected to our wholeness, we become naturally alive, present and loving. 





I see psychotherapy as a tool for personal and collective liberation.


It allows for discoveries of personal truths, which have been obscured or hidden. It allows for a better understanding of who you are and learning how you want to  live and love.  


Taking a step towards personal or relational healing can be anxiety-provoking.  Please reach out to explore if this work can support you at this time.



Our relationships are meant to nourish us. They're meant to be the hospitable environments for growth, transformation and creative expression, 


Relationships that threaten our aliveness become something we learn to survive. If that is happening in your relationship, do not wait. Consider what's possible.

*Configurations of relationships I have experience working with: romantic, friendships, professional partners, parent/adult children dyads, polyamorous couples and couples interested in transitioning to polyamory



For those looking for a deep immersive experience exploring relational themes and doing experiential work, I offer two distinct ways we can work together. 

Immersive relational work is an excellent standalone modality and a wonderful adjunct to relational therapy you may already be doing.

Immersive work takes place remotely or in my loft studio in Santa Fe, NM.

Image by Natalia Sobolivska

Relationship/Couples Work:
Areas of focus 

  • Exploration of early life history, attachment styles and the attachment within the relationship​

  • Learning how to create security within the relationship

  • Repair work & learning how to return to safety after there's been an injury

  • Understanding the impact of trauma & learning how to navigate and learn from triggers

  • Exploration of inherited relational blueprints, including cultural and familial narratives

  • Communication skills & learning how to have difficult conversations safely

  • Creating a relationship vision that fully nourishes each person within the relationship

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