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The Non-Linear Movement Method

Q: What is the Non-Linear Movement Method™?

A: The Non-Linear Movement Method™ is a powerful somatic (body-based and body-led) modality.

Q: How is the Non-Linear Movement Method™ practice done?

A: Just like yoga, the Non-Linear Movement practice is done on the mat, but, unlike yoga, this practice does not follow a set of postures (or asanas). Instead, the movements are inspired by what and how the body wants to move. In that way, the Non-Linear Movement Method™ is a gentle, fluid and intuitive methodology for unraveling whatever presents in the body (and mind and heart...for that matter).

Q:What are the benefits of the Non-Linear Movement Method™?

A: This method has many wonderful benefits. Some of the benefits are:
-Smoothing out the nervous system, which promotes a deep sense of relaxation and presence
-Releasing tension and pain (physical or emotional)
-Creating openness in the body and cultivating access to the natural wisdom of the body
-Gently sensitizing areas of the body that are asleep, tense or numb
-Cultivating deep intimacy with ONESELF, which lends itself to more satisfying relationships with others

Q: I have never taken any movement classes. Is this practice for me?

A: Yes! No prior movement experience is needed to do this practice. Please, come as you are and make sure you wear clothing you're comfortable moving in.

 One last detail: The practice is done to music, which I curate SPECIFICALLY for each class. This means NO individual class and NO individual practice ARE EVER ALIKE

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