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The Non-Linear Movement Method® is a somatic (body-based and body-led) modality developed by the world renowned embodiment teacher and intimacy coach Michaela Boehm. 


The method utilizes decades of Michaela's clinical practice and is both trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive.  


Just like yoga, the Non-Linear Movement practice is done on the mat, but, unlike yoga, this practice does not follow a set of postures (or asanas). Instead, the movements are inspired by what and how the body wants to move. In that way, the Non-Linear Movement Method® is a gentle, fluid and intuitive methodology for unraveling whatever presents in the body.

The NLMM® can be practiced by anyone, regardless of physical health, ability, fitness level or age. 


Yulia is a Certified Non-Linear Movement Method® Teacher.


Nervous System Regulation

The NLMM® works to gently soften parts of the body that habitually brace and hold tension (i.e. protective physical armoring), allowing for a safe release of sensations. from the state of numbness (i.e. freeze). This movement modality is an excellent somatic tool for exploring and working with habitual closures and blocks within the body and the psyche.

Gradual Awakening of the Senses

By practicing non-demanding attention and following the body's lead, the NLMM® gently sensitizes areas of the body that are asleep, tense or numb. The true gift of this modality is that it allows the participant to safely engage with their inner world, learning to become aware of what is there and learning to release what is no longer of service.

Access to the wisdom of the Body

Connection with (one)Self

As an embodiment practice, the NLMM® places the body into the leadership role and gently asks us to see what happens when we allow our body's natural intelligence to lead the way. By listening to our bodies and moving in ways the body wants to move, we learn to trust the body's innate healing capacity, allowing it to do what it already knows how to do well-bring us back to our original state of wholeness.

One of the most nourishing gifts this practice offers is the ability to cultivate a closer relationship with ourselves. Rather that telling you how to move your body, you're invited to listen to your body instead. Continuous movement helps participants practice staying curious and open to what is. As a listening tool, the Non-Linear Movement Method® is a powerful form of movement meditation. 

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