Yulia has an organic and artful approach to healing. She is gentle and deeply present. When I started my sessions with Yulia, I felt stuck and anxious. She helped me develop my confidence, as well as identify patterns and beliefs that interfered with my highest good. She also facilitated an appreciation of my own life/death/life cycle. I now feel more alive, peaceful, creative and hopeful.


(Former Client)

We are incredibly thankful for Yulia's wisdom, guidance and nurturing approach during a very fragile time for us. Yulia has been a light house that we so desperately needed on life’s rocky shores.

Paul & Diane 

(Former Clients)

My partner and I saw Yulia for a total of six weeks and the changes she helped us make were truly remarkable. We sought therapy to help us deal with a specific issue that kept coming up in our relationship. Wow, we both are truly thankful for this process. Yulia is truly a gifted therapist/healer/guide. She is intuitive, compassionate and incredibly attentive. 

CJ & Alyssa

(Former Clients)

Hello and welcome to my practice!

Whatever brings you here, one thing is for certain- you have taken this very important step for a reason.


Perhaps, you're feeling lost or disconnected from whatever brings you meaning in life. Or maybe you're finding yourself in a middle of a painful or scary transition. It may be that you're longing for a deeper, more intimate connection with your partner. And it may just be that you're sensing a need for a global fundamental change.

Whatever your reason for being here is, consider not having to go it alone. I look forward to exploring how I can be of support to you on your journey.