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Upcoming Events

 The Non-Linear Movement Method® Class
 The Non-Linear Movement Method® Class
Feb 18, 2020, 6:00 PM – 7:15 PM MST
The Inner Well Studio,
222 Truman St NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108, USA
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Past Workshops

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Intuition & the Body:

Connecting with Deeper Knowing 


Why the movement practice?

Aliveness is our natural state of being. Our birthright. To have access to our aliveness, we can't think our way into it. We can't force it and we can't manufacture it. The only way to connect with it is to find ourselves in that original state in real time...not defined by trauma, before the wounds, before the closures. 


Movement helps soften parts of us that are conditioned to keep us closed, so that our innate healing capacity can do what it knows how to do best- 

bring us back to our original state of wholeness.

I bring the Non-Linear Movement Method® practice to all workshops I teach because, when it comes to unblocking from the old conditioning,  this practice has it all. It helps us stay present with what is while helping smooth out the nervous system until we're expanded enough to release what no longer serves us and let in what we so deeply desire.


This practice is both gentle and intuitive. 

No prior experience with "movement practices" is necessary. 

Kind words

The non-linear movement classes offered by Yulia provided a warm and inviting space to connect with myself through the exploration of natural and unstructured physical movement.


She guided the class with gentle instruction along with thoughtfully integrated music. 


Yulia is an exceptionally welcoming individual and her non-linear movement classes are mentally, emotionally, and physically nourishing.


 I enjoyed my experience in Yulia's NLMM classes, and it has given me a great base to continue the practice on my own. The studio is calming and beautiful, and the practice opens the opportunity to connect at a deep level with one's body and one's Self.


 I found Yulia to be a comforting presence.


What a deeply nourishing practice and Yulia is a skillful teacher.

It is by absolute chance that I came to one of Yulia's classes while visiting a friend here in Albuquerque.

What an unexpected gift!

Thank you so much!


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