The path of the gardener/A love letter

"The Path of the Gardener" is a love letter, intended for everyone who is working hard and tirelessly growing the Garden that is their Life, their Dream, their Relationship or their Work in the world.

Tending to anything- especially to what is important to us- takes energy, time, attention, determination and patience. Tending is HARD WORK and sometimes this work is unnervingly slow and tedious. There is no fanfare and no prizes given. On the journey there is often despair, doubts and fear.

It takes HEART to keep at it. It takes DEVOTION to keep showing up.

Nurturing is a VULNERABLE experience. When we give our attention and our time to anything or anyone, we communicate to them, YOU MATTER TO ME.

Gardener, whatever you are growing in your life right now, I SEE YOU! I see how hard you are working to nurture what's most precious to you!

This journey WILL try you!

Sometimes you might feel like walking away, but I think you and I both know that some work is truly SACRED.

Like raising kids or deepening into true intimacy with your Beloved or clearing the path that will bring you closer to yourself- this work will take you to the depths of your fear and it will also take you right into the temple of YOUR HEART.


From the tender moment of inception to the first hopeful signs of life to the bounty of the full harvest- to be a good gardener is to FLOW with the seasons and the cycles of life.

A healthy and vibrant garden begins with fertile life-giving soil. In the preparation phase, tending is about creating the right set of conditions for the crops to grow and blossom.

At this point in the journey, one learns to slow down in order to attend to all the needed elements while keeping the movement going to stay with the momentum and the flow of desire.

Once the seeds are given to the soil, these is the invitation to practice PATIENCE, HOPE AND COMMITMENT.

Tending with love to Life that is not yet visible to the eye can present its challenges. While the seeds are in the ground waiting to reach full activation, the gardener is invited to activate their TRUST in LIFE. Although life and everything in life takes time to unfold, which can be trying or even distressing, Life's pacing is usually quite divine.

That said, waiting presents ample opportunity for the mind to start interceding. If your mind is playing tricks on you, dear Gardener, and you're either second-guessing yourself or wondering if you have done enough, TAKE HEART.

This is par for the course...this is quite normal at this uneasy juncture.

When the sprouts finally show, there is elation, pride, and a sense of satisfaction.

With that, there is also more work ahead. There is suddenly a new dance to learn.

This new dance is about learning when to move closer and when to step back. After all, anything we tend to requires our engaged presence as well as the knowing when to step back in order not to crowd the life that needs space to fully come into its own.

Then... there is harvesting.

Knowing when the fruit is ripe or when the crop is ready to be gathered is a SKILL. And just like with the garden, knowing when to harvest in our lives, our relationships and our work is also a SKILL.

In our lives, one way of looking at a metaphor of a harvest is to consider it be a time of reflection, a time to look back and GATHER all that we have learned. It is a full moon gathering during which there is the acknowledgement that the cup is full and that it is time to release what is no longer of service.

During these times, if one does not let go, the fruit that is still attached to the vine begins to rot, transforming promptly into dead weight, into a burden.

How are feeling so far, Gardener? How are you faring on your journey of tending to all of the IMPORTANT ELEMENTS IF YOUR LIFE?

How do you tend to YOURSELF as you're staying busy busy tending to what you're growing. Who tends to you?

My next post will be about "TENDING TO THE GARDENER" and it'll be chock-full of tips and suggestions about ways you can sustain, restore and nurture YOURSELF because, after all, YOU are the reason the garden gets to exist in the first place.

Till next time.....

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